Facundo Element believes in love.

We leverage the power of Sumains and we self-represent via mass media and activism.

*Sumain: a proposed term to replace heavily baggaged and antiquated "deaf". In Old English, "deaf" means empty, barren. For centuries, "deaf" has been an epicenter of tug-o-war between the medical establishment, cultural group, and other dissenting groups, resulting in hundreds of thousands of casualties. This is the reason why it will be difficult to re-claim, re-frame the word (deaf) to identify individuals and a global community who are vital to the human diversity. "Deaf" people have been targeted by the eugenicists, systemically eradicated through genetic engineering and forced cochlear implantations.

Sumain was inspired from ongoing dialogues among individuals who wish to be identified in accordance to their true essence - people whose primary language is sign language, who are spatial in cognitive sense, who are collective and transnational with global relationships. Sumain was coined from two different languages: su - your, main - hand. We connect with each other using our hands.  Your hands tell me that I exist.  Sumain.

We believe that our "kind" are essential to the survival of the human race.  The foundation of our sign languages is exactly what humanity needs to connect with each other - kinesthetic, tactile, visual, and spatial.  If we embrace human diversity together, we may finally be closer to world peace.