The Catalyst: You.

Change begins with you.  It begins with a meaningful action; thoughtful, compassionate, and purposeful. 


Facundo Element was founded on March 1, 2011 by Ryan Commerson. Its first task was to engage the Deaf community in a discussion on "re-framing" and encourage us to think about our identity in different ways.  After series of workshops, we hosted Walk for ASL led by Alison Aubrecht, a month long walk along Pacific Coast Highway from the Golden Gate Bridge to Santa Monica. During the walk, we came up with a possible term replacing 'deaf'.  Then, more dialogues followed and Sumain was born. There were a lot of challenges along the way. The next step is to share our stories with our society- our families, colleagues and neighbors - through film. At the same time, our fellow Sumains, who have been historically marginalized, need the tools to step up and assert our own worth. Freedom is a fleeting and dynamic, not static, phenomenon. For the freedom to be who you are, we must be able to take a stand, constantly. Invest in yourselves. Invest in our community.  

Our Board

Fashade Afolabi / New Jersey

Ryder Patton / Oregon

Dr. Laurene Simms / Washington, D.C. 

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report in Plain Text 2014